The goal of Becryptive is to make money with crypto as user-friendly and humane as possible. Through our close cooperation with FRCST, we can offer automated bots that allow you to invest on the growing 24/7 crypto market without any worries. Our own algorithms are developed to make it as interesting as possible for you not to let your savings stand still. By joining Becryptive you will gain more knowledge and can make your voice heard about crypto in the Becryptive Community.

What are bots and why do we use them?
A bot is an autonomous program that interact with systems or users. Bots are created to replace tasks that a human would otherwise has to perform. The bots Becryptive uses, works with a momentum trading strategy. This trading strategy takes his advantages of price volatility. Moreover, when strong moves are made in prices by buying in an uptrend and selling when that trend loses momentum, this strategy will decide whether he buys or sells.


Additional Affiliate Program Benefits

Multycurrency Wallet

Earn more

An Affiliate member you can earn up to $1000,00 or more of future referrals and is monthly paid based.

Insurance Protection

Try for free

In just a few clicks you can explore all of the automated crypto trading we have to offer. The first month is free of charge and our promise of great service starts right away!

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

All personal, account, financial and portfolio-data is safely encrypted and stored so it cannot be reached by anyone but you and the code handling the trading bot.

Exchange Service

Easy to use

No rocket science, just follow the instructions we send by email. Set up your account, pick a currency, or a few of them. And let our algorithm do the trading.

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Let us help you!

Through our personal service, we want to provide you with clarity and support in your choice. That is why you can contact one of our expert staff members that will respond within 24 hours. Our team will not give investment advice, but for other questions, we are happy to help.

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