The end of the crypto-winter?

After every crypto-winter comes spring. Gradually, experts are becoming optimistic again, and fortunately, we see some green days on the market. Tensions around Ukraine are becoming more nuanced, and investors are gradually trusting the market more. But is this true? Have we reached the bottom, or are we still a while away? In addition, what are exchanges doing and are they also in trouble? 

The crypto market is fluctuating, and we are fortunately allowed to see some green numbers again. Bitcoin hovered around $20,000, indicating that this is about the lower limit. The...

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Welcome to another update about the crypto-world and our trading bot at the start of July, 2022. A lot has happened, yet again.

What happened in Juni?

You are very well aware of the fact that the crypto market is fluctuating considerably. In the lasts few months there was a lot of hope but yet the price is continuing in a negative trend. Both analysts and influencers are talking about a possible crypto winter, and skeptics distrust the market. Still, the crypto market, usability of crypto and adoption continues to develop. In Europe, crypto is becoming more regulated and therefore more...

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