Welcome to another blog about the crypto highlights of October. Plenty is happening again... To recount; unfortunately, it is not all particularly positive. A lot is happening worldwide, causing the crypto market to struggle. Here we tell some highlights from recent times. A profound change has occurred in the global economy: the euro, pound, and other currencies have fallen against the dollar. This may cause problems because it may make countries that rely heavily on imports from America pay a higher price. This could run so high in costs that citizens and governments could run into trouble. There could also be a takeover wave, as it could...

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crypto is certainly not lost, as reports and data show that exchange rate prices are not affecting the growing network and users. In addition to the network growing, the available crypto ATMs continue to grow like a bomb, also making it easier for consumers to convert hard cash to virtual currency. In addition, the ener largest crypto currency has not been idle either as it has announced a major merge making it even more accessible to the general public it is said. Binance the largest exchange in the world has not been idle either as it has partnered with the...

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Welcome to another update about the crypto-world and our trading bot at the start of July, 2022. A lot has happened, yet again.

What happened in June?

You are very well aware of the fact that the crypto market is fluctuating considerably. In the lasts few months there was a lot of hope but yet the price is continuing in a negative trend. Both analysts and influencers are talking about a possible crypto winter, and skeptics distrust the market. Still, the crypto market, usability of crypto and adoption continues to develop. In Europe, crypto is becoming more regulated and therefore more...

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