The Ripple company was founded in 2012 in California. This was first done under another name called Opencoin. In the year 2015 Opencoin decided to change the name to the system they are working on. In the platform the XRP is used and this is the crytpo currency that furges as a transfer medium on the Ripple network. Ripple is also one of the largest crypto currencies and is definitely in the top 5 according to market cap.

  • Ripple

    XRP of Ripple

    Ripple's goal is to make payment transactions between banks easier and more streamlined. To do this, Ripple has developed three different platforms to make this possible: xRapid, xVia and xCurrent. On these platforms, a currency must be used to ensure that payments can be converted and that currency is XRP. By using the Ripple platforms, banks will be able to bypass intermediaries and therefore reduce the transaction costs of transferring money to other banks in other countries.
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    Future of Ripple

    The expectation of Ripple is high partly because there is a lot of international money traffic and it is very interesting for banks to save on transaction costs.
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