Ethereum is a decentralised platform that works on blockchain technology. The decentralised platform of Ethereum network is intended as the basis of a new kind of internet. Decentralised applications (DAPPs) and smart contracts can be built on the network. Compared to other applications that are centralised, Ethereum’s network is much more secure, privacy-protective and cannot be censored.

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    There is often confusion between the two terms Ether and Ethereum this is not wrong in the base, but it is good to know what the difference is. When Ethereum is spoken of, the whole network is meant. The network must be hosted by miners so that the network keeps running. For this they are rewarded in Ether tokens that represent a value. If you buy an Ether, you can pay for it on the Ethereum network.
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    Future of Ethereum

    If Ethereum makes decentralised finance possible through smart contracts on the Ethereum network, it will mean that automated transfers of value can take place. This is now done by banks and stock exchanges, which make a lot of money. If Ethereum becomes the dominant network in this field, it will become the new standard for issuing bonds or loans. This would be good for the demand for Ether coins.
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