Software for managing crypto portfolios

Since June 2021, Dutch company Becryptive has started offering software for managing cryptocurrency portfolios. Using a simple smartphone app, artificial intelligence and proven portfolio strategies to mitigate risk and generate more profit. Despite the fluctuating market, new customers show a lot of confidence; for example, the average investment is currently €6000.

Crypto should be for everyone

The Dutch owners of Becryptive, Kevin and Bart, want to make cryptocurrency trading available to everyone. “Regardless of whether you have time for this, want to make it or have the knowledge in house; the crypto market is for everyone.” The services are designed accordingly. There is a package for students, a regular package and a package for large investors. “It doesn’t matter where our client is currently in his or her investment career. We are ready at any level!”

Becryptive works with the three largest exchanges: Binance, Coinbase and FTX. This is so that cryptocurrencies are purchased, stored and complied with (international) laws at all times in a secure manner.


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Nederlandse Fintech bloeit op

Sinds juni 2021 is het Nederlandse bedrijf Becryptive gestart met het aanbieden van software voor het beheren van cryptocurrency-portfolio’s. Met behulp van een simpele smartphone-app worden kunstmatige intelligentie en bewezen portfolio-strategieën ingezet om risico’s in te perken en meer winst te genereren. Ondanks de fluctuerende markt laten nieuwe klanten veel vertrouwen blijken; zo bedraagt de gemiddelde investering momenteel €6000,-

De Nederlandse eigenaren van Becryptive, Kevin en Bart, willen het handelen in cryptocurrency beschikbaar maken voor iedereen. “Ongeacht of je hier tijd voor hebt, voor wil maken of de kennis in huis hebt; de crypto-markt is voor iedereen bedoeld.” De diensten zijn dan ook daarnaar ingericht. Er is een pakket voor studenten, een regulier pakket en een pakket voor grote investeerders. “Het maakt niet uit waar onze klant momenteel staat in zijn of haar investerings-carrière. Wij staan op ieder niveau klaar!”

Becryptive werkt met de drie grootste exchanges: Binance, Coinbase en FTX. Dit is zodat cryptocurrencies op een veilige manier worden aangekocht, bewaard en ten alle tijden wordt voldaan aan de (internationale) wetgevingen.

The bot that Becryptive provides has given me a lot of profit compared to my older investments. Becryptive has an impressive system that works very accurately, I am also very satisfied with the result I have received!

Dani Gabraeel

Trading without worries

Very content with becryptive, i don’t have the time to invest in tracking every cryptocurrency but don’t want to miss out. this gives me the opportunity to hop on the hype without the trouble. great customer service, questions get answered quickly and transparent.
could greatly recommend this to anyone willing to invest in cryptos.

Noah Seuren

Great app that takes away all trouble

User-friendly app for investing in Crypto. Highly recommended for anyone who does not want to look back at their investments, but wants good returns!

Tijmen Hendriks

Thanks Becryptive