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Using Becryptive means you choose a carefully selected portfolio-management strategies so your wealth increases. Current-day banking institutions no longer pay attention to their image. Your hard-earned money deserves a good service.

Luckily the world of Crypto-currencies and fin-tech are booming, which is where crypto can help you.

By choosing Becryptive you will receive a personal cryptocurrency-trading account which will handle all trades for you on up to 40 different coins. The cryptocurrency-tradings are performed by computerized algorithms and you don’t have to concern about your portfolio.

Costs and billing can be seen below!

Pricing plans

Pricing Plans


€ 4,99/mo


75% special discount for all students

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Study & relax with Becryptive


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Let our crypto bots trade for you

Your questions answered within 24 hours

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Free Pro account if you invest more than €50k

Online personal service at all time

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  • 5%
  • 7%
  • 11%
  • 157%
    Becryptive Bots


We only show real numbers!
Investing comes with risks. Your investment can be worth less.

How does the bot works

Becryptive offers a product where we make your money work for you. Through advanced technology, Becryptive has been able to make this happen. We call this cutting-edge technology "bots". But what are bots?

A bot is an autonomous program that interacts with systems or users. Bots are created to replace tasks that a humamn would otherwise have to perform. The bots Becryptive uses work with a momentum trading strategy. This trading strategy takes his advantage of price volatility. Moreover, when strong moves are made in prices by buying in an uptrend and selling when that trend loses  momentum, this strategy will decide wheter he buys or sells. 

 Why our bots? 

 Bots work 24/7

 Bots don't have any emotions

 Bots minimize the risk by spreading your investment

 Bots work automated

 Bots aim to make more return on investment

Becryptive Student

Are you a student and doesn't have time to make money with crypto? Becryptive Student will be you best friend! You don't have to investigate your wallet every day or worry if the crypto market collapse. The automated crypto bots trades for you and you can study & relax. Get more info now! 

Becryptive Student
Becryptive Pro
Becryptive Pro

Are you one of the big players and able to trade with more than 50k? Becryptive offers you to be a Becryptive Pro. Here it's all about service and to give you a hospitable feeling. Make use of personal services, weekly updates and much more! Look for more information. 

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Refer friends. Earn Crypto Together!

Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch

Mobile App

Mobile App

Becryptive uses the FRCST application platform. Here you can see all your tradings made by our bots.

Try for free

Try for free

In just a few clicks you can explore all of the automated crypto trading we have to offer.
The first month is free of charge and our promise of great service starts right away!

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Easy to use

Easy to use

No rocket science, just follow the instructions we send by email. Set up your account, pick a currency, or a few of them. And let our algorithm do the trading.

No notice period

No notice period

You can stop whenever you want, you are not tied to anything with us.



You and our automated-trading-bot is able to make decisions within the exchange, Becryptive and/or FRCST cannot access it.

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